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SEO and development are related

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique used to have visibility on the internet. This means that it is possible to find a site on the first page in searches made by users on the search engines.

Internet Developer Roles

A web developer is a computer specialist, it performs all the techniques for creating a website. php developers and magneto developers are also specialists who follow the client requests in the specifications that was given him. He must fulfill all customer needs from its website. In general, there are well-defined tasks for the technician such as: the interpretation of customer needs, design the site according to the controls, the use of methods to web development that is to say, the programming and the encoding and use of frameworks and architecture, and finally perform the delivery of functional platform. As a delivery service, the technician must necessarily explain to the customer site features. Eventually, it will be called upon to intervene to solve the technical problems during operation of the site there.

How to optimize its visibility on the web?

To mark its presence on the web site must employ the services of a developer is to create it, this is natural SEO, or during operation of the site or SEO business. There are some factors that influence life on canvas. These factors are, usually, titration of pages and the use of keywords, image definition, prioritization of components of the site, the use of URL entries, uniqueness and simplicity of the site. In addition, it is also necessary to take into account the distribution of good quality links or hyperlinks leading to the page and site specificity. To do this, it is mandatory to hire a professional technician in the IT development is an independent company. It is in this light that the web development and SEO is very close relationship since all development work concerns directly.

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