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Javascript and css how it works

Programming languages ​​currently exceed hundreds, each one has a specificity that makes developers prefer it to others. Today we will talk about two languages ​​being part of the Top 10 languages ​​most used in the world namely JavaScript and CSS. For the laypersons, these are only languages ​​more whereas for the pros of the development they are as powerful as they are effective. Here is the reason.

What are these languages ​​really?

First, you need to know Javascript. In a simplistic view, it is a programming language for writing a command text for a computer. It is used in web pages that do not require any installation for the servers of a browser to run. In most cases, web browsers all speak Javascript. Also, if a user queries an information, the browser will immediately execute the codes and then returns all the texts with all the elements of the requested page such as colors and images. With Javascript, the browser will just follow the instructions and give the requested information. After this first language, let's go to the discovery of CSS. Basically, this is another language allowing web site formatting. It is the typical code for the form of the contents, the color and all the typologies of all the contents of a web page. The CSS gives commands to the computer and browser the details of all the visuals such as the size of the images, the quality of the images, the font for the texts etc.

The operation

Web agencies such as Maven on that use these two languages ​​to create websites with good visuals and a nice structure. It is simply the use of javascript style css which gives developers a margin of maneuver to customize its content by using them. There are more rules of development and rules of styles that must be mastered in order to arrive at a better result. In any case JS AND CSS together offers an unparalleled product.

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