Html lessons

How to learn web development ?

For the vast majority of people, web programming and Chinese is pretty much the same thing. Yet learning the first is much easier than one might think. And one of the best places to do it is surprisingly ... on the web itself! So do not waste your time and learn to code!

Explore free software

Normally, your computer comes with the NotePad software (on PC) or the TextEdit application (on Mac). These two tools can surprisingly allow you to create your website from start to finish. Surprising, but true!

You can however go further by downloading Brackets, a very simple software that I use daily in my work. I highly recommend it for its many development tools, such as its real-time viewer, which makes it easy to see the results of your actions when you program your website.

Use the tutorials

Learning web programming will of course require a little time, resourcefulness and problem-solving skills. Sometimes you will encounter unfamiliar terms or phrases that simply do not mean anything to you.

Rather than wasting time looking for the meaning of these words, use the tutorials that come right off the bat with the web development tools. By doing all the suggested exercises, it will be much easier for you to solve some problems when you start to really play with the code on more concrete cases.

The more you advance in your learning, the more relevant it will be to look for solutions to your problems by searching the web. By then, the tutorials should answer the vast majority of your questions.

Learn the right languages, in the right order

In the multitude of languages used in web development, one easily stands out from the rest simply because it is the foundation of all websites: HTML.

It allows structuring information, creating sections, linking pages and adding images to a site. In addition, since it is not a dynamic programming language, it is one of the easiest to learn. I therefore recommend that you start with this one.

Thus, code learning can become an asset for everyone, whether you are an entrepreneur, graphic designer, copywriter or whatever. By understanding the basics of the web, you make sure to exploit it in the best way possible.

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