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How to choose the right framework for your business plan

According to the fact that almost of every website or web applications today are turning under php server, developers had recently developed many different frameworks dedicated to many types of business plan. But, it is not particularly easy to choose it, because of his abundance.

The most popular framework

It is obvious that even if one framework is popular, he is not however reliable. However, some framework is really trusted by a lot of people, such as Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, Yii, or also Kohana. There are also a lot of other framework visible on the web, but it needs some advanced way of searching. In other side, there are still people who didn’t apply for frameworks, even if they are asking for an advanced website to php developer, not just for a static or dynamic simple website. For being sure that he will have a long lifetime, it is important to keep his framework and his server up to date. It is not very difficult to choose a framework according to the nature of the project, but the real problem is in the choice of the best and practical framework to apply.

Framework’s choice

There was a time where two frameworks, such as Zend framework and CakePHP, have seen their glory time, but that has changed since the last 5 years. It may be a bad new for both, but it is surely a good thing for other frameworks, like Symfony, which is never had the title of the unavoidable framework shown on the web. The framework of Symfony’s problem is related to the php programming, but essentially to his efficacy and his power. Usually, users are always applying for two specific frameworks which are the famous CodeIgniter, the google framework’s version, and the most stable framework of the time, which is Lavarel framework.

There are many frameworks over the web, and some are easy to master, but, it is always recommended to ask for an expert, in order to avoid any eventual loss.

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