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How do you improve your Php web development ?

PHP is one among the foremost widely-used php web development programming languages across the planet. As per data, PHP is employed by 78% of all websites with a known server-side programing language .PHP web development forms the bottom programing language for popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

PHP in-built functions

PHP Web Development Man Working Alone If you're trying to accomplish a commonly used functionality for an internet site , likelihood is that high that a PHP built-in function already exists for that purpose. attempt to use PHP built-in functions wherever possible to enhance the performance of your code and minimize possible errors.

Variable naming

Just like commenting, proper variable naming goes an extended way in debugging and maintaining the code. Fellow PHP developers appreciate your code if it's properly commented and therefore the variable names are meaningful and provides insights about the variables. Some common examples are the utilization of variable ‘i’ for looping or “count” to stay track of the number of occurrences of an occasion etc.

Configuration file

The configuration file is that the main file that stores the knowledge of database connection settings in one place. Proper use of configuration files helps you to stay the settings from being scattered at various places and alter them easily within the future if required.

Error reporting

The last item a developer wants to stare at is that the PHP White Screen of Death. To debug and restore the appliance quickly, you ought to leave error reporting and display errors settings turned on to ascertain run-time errors. As an experienced PHP developer, you ought to decipher the log files and debug the system.

Get an understanding of the foremost common issues which will cause this sort of complete application failure.

Database security

The security of the appliance is at the core of each development effort lately. As a developer, it’s your responsibility to develop a secure application. Develop the practice of using string- mysql_real_escape_string string(). The string protects your database from any malicious attack and prevents the leakage of knowledge.

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