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We developp rental reservation software for all owner

As a group of software therefore very powerful software for the management of a short term rental, this CMS has many interesting offers. Indeed it offers a well developed software allowing any site of rental service to receive requests of reservation coming from all parts and centralized on a single site. There is no better request for an activity that requires a lot of attention and instant feedback. Customers just need managers to give them the opportunity to make these orders and remote booking by seeing at the same time the photos of the premises with the prices displayed there. This comfort is also given to the managers of these units who, without moving, also benefit from the facilities offered by these software. The rental reservation software is therefore a definite asset for these websites because the advantages are not to be minimized with performing php programmers behind them.

Lodgify offers

Each owner of holiday accommodation would like to be able to receive a maximum of demand all the year but especially in high season. There are several ways to do this, but having a website seems to be the most suitable solution, and everything can now be done online with very effective softwares like those offered by Lodgify. Lodgify is a CMS that manages the contents of the websites and in the same perspective

How does this work ?

The online rental websites look very similar to online shopping websites. But in the first case, it is the service that is sold for a fee. It is this price element that allows the interested parties to subscribe or not to this or that site. For a platform to attract the attention of vacationers it should contain the type of software offered by Lodgify. This software allows the passage of reservations responding to offers published on the site. The customer can also already pay in advance his reservation to alleviate all the charges and the owner can manage this payment always thanks to the software. The automation is in effect since the management of the locations to rent is done almost systematically.

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