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Important tools in web development

As our technological culture advances, software technology moves from the inconceivable to research, then to new products, and finally to standardized, widely available and inexpensive products. These heavy tools can carry heavy loads, but can be intimidating and require a significant investment in understanding php development. The intermediate programmer must know how to handle them and when they should be used or considered.

in my opinion, currently some of the best tools are:

- Relational databases;
- Full-text full-text search engines;
- Mathematical libraries;
- OpenGL;
- XML parsers;
- Spreadsheets.

How to analyze the data

Data analysis is a process that begins early in software development, when you examine a business activity and determine the prerequisites for converting it into a software application. This is a formal definition, which may lead you to believe that analyzing data is something you should leave to system analysts, while you, the programmer, should focus on coding that someone. else designed. If we strictly follow the software engineering paradigm, it may be correct. Experienced programmers become designers and the most sophisticated designers become business analysts, thus having the right to think through all the data prerequisites and give you a well-defined task to perform. This is not entirely precise, as data is the fundamental value of every programming activity. Whatever you do in your programs, you move or change data. The business analyst analyzes the need on a larger scale, and the software designer reduces that scale so that when the problem hits your desktop, it seems like all you have to do is apply some smart algorithms and to start moving existing data.

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